Overland Track Tasmania

Let us help you plan your adventure. Please just email David with your questions and transport needs. We have helped hundreds of people manage the Overland Track logistics from all over the World. 

The Overland Track

The Overland Track is perfect for many reasons as we have discovered from the many groups and individuals with ages ranging from 10 to 81, from all walks of life and numerous countries that we have supported and helped. 

In our experience, everyone is able to manage the overland track on their own. The track is clear, the huts are well maintained, there are others on the track and rangers patrol. 

Even the most nervous we have dropped off at Cradle Mountain arrived confident.  

One hundred per cent of people we have looked after have totally enjoyed it and come back in the highest of spirits. No one has had any issue that became serious. 

In winter, there is a very high chance of snow or almost certain. In the summer snow is possible so you must come prepared for very cold conditions. 

Most groups report they have experienced every single type of weather on the walk so do be prepared for all weathers. It can change fast.  




A few pointers to help you plan your Overland Track adventure. And please make contact with us as we are able to offer much insight having taken groups for many years.



Transport to the start and finish of the Overland Track is a hassle and can be expensive. We make it easy and very cost effective.