Self Drive Options for Overland Track

If bringing your car there are a number of options for parking if you are doing the overland track.

Need help and advice please contact:

Park your car at Lake St Clair and stay the night in Sheffield + transfer to Cradle Mountain
A relaxed way is park your car at Lake St. Clair and then transfer at 2.15pm to Sheffield where you spend the night. The next morning a transfer to Cradle Mountain to be the first to register. Parking is free and safe at lake St Clair Lodge and means you have your car available when you complete the Overland Track.

Park in Sheffield
If you do not need your car at Lake St Clair at the end the park in Sheffield and transfer to Cradle Mountain at 0730. For the return transfer from Lake St Clair at 2.15pm to reach Sheffield before 5pm.

Have your car moved whilst you walk
Park in Sheffield, take the early shuttle to Cradle departing at 0730 and then walk! Whist walking your car will be moved to Lake St Clair ready for you when you arrive at the end.

Park your car in the morning at Lake St Clair and start that day
Not the best option as a lot of driving and tends to be the most expensive as not popular. The drive to Cradle takes about 3 hours so you need to be leave around 8am.