You should see some Tasmanian fauna, wombats, possums and if lucky a Tasmanian Devil.

The Tasmanian Tiger some say is still around and there has been a reported sighting close to Lake St Clair. The evidence does suggest the Tasmania Tiger could still be alive. If you see a Tasmanian Tiger, make sure you take a photo as that will be one of the most sought-after photos ever.

Look out for wombats at Ronny Creek and don’t rush that first board walk as often the best place to view.

David hates snakes but does not worry about them in Tasmania. There is a very high chance you will see a Tiger snake if the sun is out. In the cold weather, rare to see. They tend to be lie in sunny spots. If you see a snake stop and walk backwards. To pass you should leave 2 metres. Normally they disappear and will do so once they feel your vibrations. Just keep your eye out.

It is very rare to be bitten by a Tiger snake and as reassurance not every snake bite results in venom being injected. If you do get bitten do not wash the area bitten. Apply a tight bandage over a folded pad on the bitten area. The idea is not to stop blood flow but to stop the venom spreading in the lymphatic system. Immobilise to reduce all limb movement.

Seek help as fast as possible.This can present a challenge on the overland track. The message needs to be relayed to the emergency services who will most likely send in a rescue helicopter as movement needs to be minimised. If you have a beacon then activate, if not then you will have to seek out someone who has or reach a ranger. As a snake bite will happen in summer there should be many others on the overland track.

To reassure the chance of this happening is very low and as far as we can gather there has not been a fatality from a snake bite in Tasmania for decades.

Possums to many are annoying. They will try and enter your backpack if they see it lying around. A good idea is to keep your backpacks in the huts at night and stacked up tight.

Be aware of Ravens and Currowongs will undo zips and spread out possessions. The best way to protect your backpack is to cover with a ground sheet or coveras they have now learnt to look for and undo zips.