Overland Track Camping

At every hut, there is an area for camping. This is generally on wooden platforms to provide a comfortable base.

Securing your tent can be a problem and generally relies on hooks or cables that you attach the tent to. Do carry some extra strong string or strong elastic bands in case cables are missing. One guy we looked after invented his own peg that pegs into the slots in the boards, a great idea.

A condition of walking the overland track is that you must carry a tent. This is in case the huts are full or you are caught out between huts.

If you plan to use huts then your choice of tent reflects the need to carry one for emergencies. If you intend to use tents each night then a greater investment in a tent is worthwhile.

We have found most people in the shoulder season use the huts and do not camp as warmer in the huts and not too crowded. In the peak summer season, many just use tents.

A big factor in deciding to sleep in tents is the level of snoring. This can be a real problem and often mentioned.

If it is raining then carrying a wet tent adds weight and hassle to take down and fold.

Overland Track Transport
Overland Track Transfer with accommodation