Overland Track Food

The first question is what to cook with. This debate. The simple cookers using methanol seem to be the winners as little can go wrong and meths goes a long way. If you are going to use a Trangia do practice before you leave. Methanol is available in Woolworths in New Norfolk and we stock. Do make sure you bring a safe carrier that will not leak.

Many use gas to cook overland track food. Most couples find two gas canisters is enough but take 3 to be sure. Everyone seems to take enough gas and no group has yet run out meaning we have plenty of half open gas canisters in our store!

Meat can be vacuum packed. Dehydrated meals work well.  Some of the best we have found are from Strive in Hobart. We are able to provide their meals if needed and they can be ordered on line and they post out.

Take a spare meal in case you are delayed. We have had instances of the Lake St Clair ferry being cancelled!

Prepare quick snacks for lunch. Dry biscuits with cheese in a zip lock bag are easy.

Some people take fresh food for the first day and night. If possible take fresh foods for lunch and might include avocado, tomatoes, cheese, ham etc.  Avoid things that will not keep or go soggy such as lettuce.

Remove all excess packaging as that does take up space and surprisingly heavy. Transfer to zip lock bags and sort into portions.

Walking burns energy so if you can carry it allow for larger portions than you would normally eat.

Overland Track Transport
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