The main season runs from October to May. Peak times are December to March. The best weather is normally February and March but is unpredicatable. During this period the overland track needs to be booked.

From June to September no overland track booking is needed and you can walk in either direction.


The overland track takes you from Cradle Mountain to Lake St Clair. A distance of 65 kilometres. That is 17 kilometres short of the Lake St Clair Visitor Centre where the road reaches. You then have the option of taking the Lake St Clair ferry or walk alongside the lake. Most walkers take 6 days and 5 nights. 

This can be done quicker and we do have groups doing in 3 nights. If you are doing the side trips including climbing Mount Ossa, or Pine Valley longer makes a lot of sense. 

David can easily advise on all the options, just shoot us an email and he will help. 


The overland track is one way from October to May with a start at Cradle Mountain. You must book a slot and pay for an overland track permit. From June to September there is no need for an overland track permit and all you need is the national park visitor pass. You are also allowed to walk in either direction during these months.  

To book visit Tasmania National Parks and Wildlife.  

Bookings for each season open on 1 July. Every year numbers increase; we suggest book once you have decided to go for it. By booking you have taken the first step for a great adventure. For peak season book on 1 July as there is an immediate sell out, and then sort out transport as that also books very fast and in July!

You will also have to pay for a Parks Pass which you can buy when you book or once in Tasmania.  


ThIs needs some thought. 

There are many variations. One we offer is fly into Hobart and then travel direct to Cradle Mountain and have the night there. At the end a transfer back to Hobart where you might then spend a few days. An alternative is to spend a night or more in Hobart before doing the Overland Track and then an early morning departure to arrive around 10.30 giving plenty of time to walk that day.

Do please contact us as soon as you can and we will provide ideas and a great price. Do not leave too late as at peak times all transport is booked up. 


For the last 17km you have the option to catch a ferry along Lake St Clair. This has to be paid for and booked. At peak times this can be an issue. The alternative is to walk out and recommended. You have the option to spend the night at Echo Point half way along Lake St Clair.


Arrival and departure can be from Hobart or Launceston. Hobart is nearer the end of the Overland Track and Launceston the start. Hobart has many more flights and often cheaper to reach. Our transfers are from Hobart as we think the best airport to arrive at. And Hobart is a great city to visit before or after doing the Overland Track with numerous award winning restaurants and the world famous MONA Art Gallery. 


There is a range of accommodation at Cradle Mountain from luxury to basic. An option exisits to arrive the evening before and start the next morning. 

Lake St Clair has limited accommodation with only the Pump House or Lake St Clair Lodge. Derwent Bridge 5km away has a hotel.