Overland Track Huts

Many of our groups do use their tents on some nights. You do need a mat for the huts and there is no cocking fuel at the huts.

The Overland Track huts are cold in winter. We do get many comments about snoring, the huts can be very full and amazing how many people snore. Not good if you are light sleeper.

Some people cook in the hut but sleep in the tents.

Waterfall Valley Hut
Newly constructed in 2020.

Windermere Hut
A new hut opened in 2023 that is very comfortable/

New Pelion Hut
A large hut with four bunkrooms and can sleep 60. You can find walkers who are not doing the Overland Track stay here as they walk in from the Arm River Track. The veranda is popular looking out to Mt Oakleigh.

Kia Ora Hut
Newly constructed in 2023 and very good.

Du Cane Hut
A small rustic cabin that is used as a lunch break hut.

Bert Nichols Hut
Built in 2009 is large and contemporary with three bunk rooms and sleeps 24. Plenty of space for dining in this hut.

Narcissus Hut
Sleeps 20 on two shelves and separate dining room. From this hut, you radio the Lake St Clair Ferry. This is the last hut on the official overland track.

Echo Point Hut
This hut is wood cabin half way along Lake St Clair and useful if walking the last 17km. It sleeps 8 and does have a coal heater.

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Kai Ora Hut